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Our summer reading lists are designed to assist you in selecting the best literature available for each age. Reading is the gateway to knowledge. There is no more valuable learning activity. The number of books is not as important as the quality of books and the time spent reading.

This summer, there is no reading journal requirement for grades 4-12. Students in these grades have been assigned what we hope is an enjoyable classical book to read for the summer. Students should be prepared for classroom discussion and a simple quiz about their book upon returning to school in September. 

Students in grades 2 and 3 have the option of keeping a summer reading journal. Following are some suggestions for the reading journal.

Grade 2

For each book include a page with the title, author, and a picture. Rising Second Graders are also encouraged to write about each book. Describe your favorite part or write a short summary. Read at least 30 minutes each day.

Grade 3

For each book include a page with title, author, a short summary, and list of characters. Read with pencil in hand and underline unfamiliar words. Record these words and their definitions in your journal. For some of your books you may substitute a drawing for your summary. Read at least one hour each day.