HLS 2019-2020 K-12 Uniform Code

The HLS blazers are here and look great!! A few  reminders:

Upper School gentlemen are required to wear an HLS blazer with a house or conservative tie to school every day.

  • The school is providing racks with an assigned hanger for each student so the blazers can be well-cared for during the school day. The students can hang their blazers on these racks during club sports and lunch.  They may also hang their blazers on the back of their chair during choir and in the classroom.
  • Only a solid navy v-neck sweater or vest (no cable knits) may be worn under the uniform blazer.
  • Uniform blazers will usually suffice when traveling outdoors. If needed during colder weather, overcoats which complement the uniform blazer are suggested.
  • Hoodies and jackets with large logos are not allowed.

Upper School Ladies are not required to wear the HLS blazer this year.

  • Overcoats which complement the uniform are suggested.
  • Hoodies and jackets with large logos are not allowed.

Where to buy HLS Uniforms:


Shaheen’s Department Store

Changes in 2019-2020

  1. Boys 7-12: Blazer is the performance uniform and required daily from October 1 to April 30. (We will take temperature into consideration.)
  2. Girls 7-12: White long sleeve oxford is the performance shirt, replacing 3/4 sleeve.  (3/4 sleeve is a daily option for 19-20)
  3. Girls 3-6: Non-monogrammed blouses are allowed as a daily option in 19-20 only.
  4. Girls K-2: Peter Pan blouses without navy piping are allowed as a daily option 19-20 only.
  5. Girls: All tights are navy.

Example of Girls K-12 Girl’s Mary Jane

Mary Jane Shoe
CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

Examples of 7-12 Girl’s Loafer

Dansko Women’s Farah Loafer
Clarks Juliet Lora – good price