Science Olympiad

Results from Regional Competition (March 22)

1stAstronomySpencer HendersonTristie Stucker
2ndBoomileverEvan WhitlowJackson Hoffman
1stBoomileverLaura CallihanHannah Thibaudeau
3rdCompound MachinesLogan CrumMatt Michel
1stMaglevNicole MiyamotoJack HauerspergerHannah Thibaudeau
2ndMetric MasteryTanay NeotiaJack Whittle
3rdRobo-CrossSara MiyamotoCaleb Mast
3rdRocks and MineralsTristan HarboldSarah Harmon
1stRotor Egg DropAbraham CollumDavid Johnson
2ndRotor Egg DropSara MiyamotoChristopher Frawley
3rdScramblerHannah ThibaudeauLaura Callihan
1stSimple MachinesWilliam YatesTanay Neotia
2ndSounds of MusicJack WhittleWilliam Yates
3rdWheeled VehicleAbraham CollumDavid Johnson
1stWrite It Do ItJack WhittleWilliam Yates
1stWrite It Do ItTristie StuckerLogan Crum

The Competition:

You can get more information on the national competition directly from the source at
Our regional competition will be at DuPont Manual High School on Saturday, March 22.
Top teams and individual performers will advance to the State Competition at WKU in on Saturday, April 12.
More information about the state and regional competitions is available at the state website:

Our Teams:

We will be entering teams in both the middle and high school divisions. Each team consists of up to 15 members who split up to compete alone or in pairs in the following 23 events. Each team member will be assigned to one of the specialization areas listed below.

Grades 6-9 Events (Division B)


Earth & Space

Life Science



Can’t Judge a Powder
Crime Busters
Experimental Design
Dynamic Planet
Road Scholar
Rocks and Minerals
Solar System
Disease Detectives
Water Quality
Metric Mastery
Shock Value
Simple Machines
Sounds of Music
Write It Do It
Rotor Egg Drop
Wheeled Vehicle

Grades 9-12 Events (Division C)


Earth & SpaceLife SciencePhysics


Chemistry Lab
Experimental Design
Materials Science
Dynamic Planet
GeoLogic Mapping
Rocks and Minerals
Anatomy & Physiology
Designer Genes
Disease Detectives
Water Quality
Bungee Drop
Circuit Lab
Compound Machines
Technical Problem Solving
Write It Do It
Elastic Launched Glider
Mission Possible

Find more information about each event, including previous tests, at the Science Olympiad forums and wiki available at

Official rules are available from Mr. Amunrud in the CHBC office.


Participation is free and open to all enrolled students in grades 6-12. Placement within teams will be determined by coaches, but there are no special requirements or experience required to join.
Since there are so many different events within the competition, parent help in preparation and at the competition itself is essential for our teams. Parents play a large role in helping their own students and others prepare for events.