Student Life

Please view the following documents for the Recitation and Closing School Ceremony schedules the last week of school.
SM The Last Week of School 2017
CH The Last Week of School 2017


It is that time of year for the Highlands Latin School Art Shows!!
Mrs. Murdoch’s 1st-6th grade students have been hard at work all year preparing various pieces of artwork for the Art shows, there is one show at each campus. A few reminders about the Art Shows:

  • As visitors to the Art Show, we need to be respectful of the time and effort that have been put into the event.
  • Families may enjoy the Art Show as you would visit a gallery or a museum, perusing the artwork without touching it or without running in between the displays.
  • Children should remain with an adult at all times. Encourage them to appreciate all of the pieces displayed; not just theirs.

The Spring Meadows  Art Show  is:
Thursday, April 27 at 6PM in the Fine Arts Building. Mrs. Murdoch invited 6th grade SM students to design the flyer for the SM Art Show. Faculty members voted, and the winner of the Art Show poster design is  Laura Gibson. Congratulations Laura!

The Crescent Hill Art Show is:
Thursday, May 4 at 6PM in the CHBC cafeteria. Mrs. Murdoch invited 6th grade CH students to design the flyer for the CH Art Show. Voting takes place this week. Stay tuned for the winner…….