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Highlands Latin School in Louisville offers an affordable one-day program for homeschoolers. Classes are held on Monday and are taught by instructors from Highlands Latin School.  All of the instruction is provided in the classroom with parents providing homework and individual assistance throughout the week. We believe a one-day cottage school is a wonderful way to introduce classical education into a homeschooling curriculum.

2016-17 Classes & Prices:

8:30-10:00Latina Christiana I (Grades 3-5)$350/yr.
8:00-10:00First Form Latin (Grades 5-8)$450/yr.
8:00-10:00Introduction to Latin (Grades 6+)$450/yr.
8:00-10:00Second Form Latin (Grades 5-8)$450/yr.
8:00-10:00Third Form Latin  (Grades 6-8)$450/yr.
8:00-10:00Fourth Form Latin (Grades 7-8)$450/yr.
8:00-10:00Henle Latin Year II (Grades 8+)$450/yr.
10:00-11:30D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths (Grades 3-4)$350/yr.
10:00-11:30Famous Men of the Middle Ages (Grade 5-6)$350/yr.
10:00-11:30Homer and Greek History (Grades 7+)$350/yr.
10:00-11:30Material Logic (Grade 8+)$350/yr.
10:00-11:30Study Hall$50/yr.
12:00-2:00Study Hall$50/yr.
12:00-2:00English 3 – Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, The Moffats (Grade 3)$450/yr.
12:00-2:00English 4 – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Heidi, Lassie (Grade 4)$450/yr.
12:00-2:00English 5 – Adam of the Road, Robin Hood, King Arthur (Grade 5)$450/yr.
12:00-2:00English 6 – Trojan War, Anne of Green Gables, Bronze Bow, Hobbit (Grade 6)$450/yr.
12:00-2:00Middle School English – Wind in the Willows, Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, Midsummer Night’s Dream       (Grades 7+)$450/yr.
12:00-2:00Biology (Grades 9+)$450/yr.*
12:00-2:00Chemistry (Grades 9+)$450/yr.
2:00-3:30Physical Science    (Grades 8+)$400/yr.
2:00-3:30Biology Lab (Grades 9+)$250/yr.*
2:00-3:30Introduction to Composition and English Grammar (Grade 3)$350/yr.
2:00-3:30Classical Composition – Fable Stage (Grade 4-5)$350/yr.
2:00-3:30Classical Composition – Narrative Stage (Grades 5-6)$350/yr.
2:00-3:30Classical Composition – Chreia/Maxim Stage (Grades 6-7)$350/yr.
2:00-3:30Classical Composition – Refutation/Confirmation Stage (Grades 7-8)$350/yr.

*$50 discount on Biology Lab if the student is enrolled in Biology class.
Books and Materials Fee ($50/course)

The cottage school is located at the Highlands Latin School’s Spring Meadows campus, 10901 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40243.

For enrollment questions, email our Cottage School Director, Ryan Weston at:, or call 502-966-9115.

Enroll Online or print an Enrollment Form

2016-17 Cottage School Calendar


Ryan Weston
Anthony McDonald
Campus Administrator

Teal Wigginton
First Form Latin
Introduction to Composition and Grammar
Rob Lewis
Second Form Latin
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
English 6
Maureen Volz
Latina Christiana
D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths
English 3
Sean Brooks
Third Form Latin
Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
Rebecca Shelburne
Biology Lab
Miller Anthony
Anthony Miller
Fourth Form Latin
Aubrey Annis
English 5
Brian Davidson
Introduction to Latin
Paul Drake
Charlie Nelson
Middle School English
Vanessa Janke
English 4

Course Descriptions:

Latina Christiana:
This course is a basic introduction to Latin for young students. It is based on Memoria Press’ popular Latina Christiana I program that has been used by over 175,000 students ac series. (Grades 3-5)

First, Second, Third, Fourth Form Latin:
These four Latin programs (taken in sequence) cover the Latin grammar comprehensively, instilling mastery thFirst Form Latin series is based on the method of Latin that was used with elementary grades in the old classical curriculum which provided the foundation of language art Latina Christiana)

Introduction to Latin

Henle Latin Year II:
Students are invited to embark upon a world of discovery translating Caesar’s De Bello Gallico. The Henle Second Year Book has a simplified version of Caesar’s original work in order to ease the student into reading the classics in their original language. This course develops translation skills, which are the pinnacle of the study of Latin. (Grades 8+, students must have completed the First Form Latin series or Henle Latin Year I, Units I-XIV)

Grammar School Classical Studies:
These classes are based on the same Classical Studies curriculum that Highlands Latin School follows, successfully preparing students to read the great classics offered in our upper-level Classical Studies. Students will study Roman and Greek history over the course of one year for each subject – allowing students to immerse themselves in each particular culture, building a foundation that will go forward with them throughout their education. (Grades 3-6)

Upper School Classical Studies:
This class consists of a systematic study of ancient Greek history followed by a detailed reading of two of the great literary pillars of the classical world: Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. Students will have regular quizzes based on the readings. Course materials include Dorothy Mills’ Book of the Ancient Greeks and Samuel Butler’s translation of the Iliad and the Odyssey along with the Memoria Press Iliad and Odyssey Study Guides. This is high school level content covered in a way appropriate for middle school students. (Grades 7-10)

Grammar School Literature:
These classes are based on the same English curriculum that Highlands Latin School follows, with a focus on the development of reading skills through the study of carefully chosen classic books. Reading requires an active, discriminating mind that is challenged to define, analyze, compare, and contrast. The focus here is on becoming an active reader. Coursework will emphasize vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. The classes are listed on the schedule in the order that they are taught at HLS, but these are not grade-specific classes. (Grades 3-6)

Upper School Literature:
An essential component in the development of superior language skills is the study of good literature, which provides models of correct English and excellence in writing. The ear and eye are trained by constant exposure to good English usage. Students learn best by imitation. Our classroom reading selections are carefully chosen to increase in reading difficulty each year. Books are read slowly and thoroughly in class, accompanied by our Literature Guides.

Introduction to Composition & English Grammar:
This course has been developed with younger students in mind. The composition portion of the course focuses on the concepts of narration, dictation, and copywork, with reading passages taken from our third grade literature novels. The English grammar will consist of the memorization of grammar and punctuation rules, as well as practice using the rules. This course is the perfect supplement to Latina Christiana I. (Grade 3)

Classical Composition:
Going back to the method of writing instruction used for over 2,000 years, Classical Composition teaches the student 14 composition skills, called the progymnasmata, a set of elementary rhetorical exercises that formed the basis of persuasive writing. This approach was used to teach writing by Quintilian and Cicero, and produced writers such as Milton, Shakespeare, and Benjamin Franklin. These classes will move at an age-appropriate pace, and they will provide your student with the tools to communicate with clarity and force. (Grades 4-12)

Material Logic:
What are the ten ways in which something can be said to exist? What are the five ways in which something can be said of something else? What are the four questions you must answer in order to really know something? In ancient and medieval times, the answers to these questions were common knowledge among educated people. This course will use the Memoria Press Material Logic text. It is a high-school-level program that can be taken by accomplished 8th graders. (Grades 8-10)

Physical Science:
This rigorous introductory middle school physical science class employs a mastery-oriented approach. This class will help students explore the physical world, and learn the basic laws of physics and chemistry in a very organized way. Students will learn about the world of very tiny things, the building blocks of the material world, like atoms and molecules, as well as the world of very large things like planets and galaxies. This course will draw children upward, opening up the world of science and laying a strong foundation for future high school science courses. The text will be Novare’s Physical Science book. (Grades 8+)

This is one-year course is an introduction to cells and cellular processes, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, the classification of animals, and the study of life in general. This is a lecture only class. Those taking the lab class in addition to this class will receive a $50 discount on the lab.
(Grades 9+)

This is a comprehensive introductory chemistry course covering all fundamental topics
appropriate for this level of study: measurements, atoms and atomic structure, periodic law, chemical bonding, molecular theory, stoichiometry, gas laws, acids and bases, and oxidation reduction reactions. (Grades 9+)

Biology Lab:
This class is open to all biology students, whether it is being studied here or elsewhere. It will feature 12 labs and is designed to supplement the general biology concepts being taught at home or in a lecture based course. It is divided into three trimesters: trimester one will focus on molecular biology, trimester two on ecology and microbiology, and the third trimester will focus on organismal biology and animal dissections. A detailed syllabus will be provided before labs start for families wishing to plan their home instruction to coincide with the lab instruction. Students taking Biology here will receive a $50 discount on this class. (Grades 9+)

Emergency Notifications:

The Cottage School follows the policies of HLS regarding school cancellation and emergency notifications. Notifications are only sent in case of a change from the ordinary . Please follow these instructions to be kept up to date.

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