Grade 3 (520 – 820 L)

The Biggest BearLynd Ward84 p.690L
Time of WonderRobert McCloskey64 p.940L
Peter Rabbit TalesBeatrix Potter50 p. (23)AD660L
Little House BooksLaura Ingalls Wilder~350 p. (9)930L
A Bear Called PaddingtonMichael Bond176 p.750L
Mr. Popper’s PenguinsRichard Atwater139 p.910L
The Cricket in Times SquareGeorge Selden160 p.780L
Encyclopedia Brown SeriesDonald J. Sobol100 p.650 L
The Trumpet of the SwanE. B. White272 p.750L
Grandma’s AtticArleta Richardson140 p. (7)420L
The Midnight FoxBetsy Byars134 p.970L
Winnie-the-PoohA. A. Milne161 p.790L
The BorrowersMary Norton192 p. (5)780L
Milly-Molly-Mandy StorybookJoyce Lankester Brisley224 p.
Sign of the BeaverElizabeth George Speare144 p.770L
The Story of Dr. DoolittleHugh Lofting150 p.920L
The Great Turkey WalkKathleen Karr203 p.700L
Seaman’s Journal: On the Trail with Lewis and ClarkPatricia Reeder Eubank32 p.690L
Gentle BenWalter Morey191 p.740L
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NimhRobert C. O’Brien240 p.790L
Freddie the Pig SeriesWalter Brooks270 p.830L
The Black StallionWalter Farley200 p.700L
The Velveteen RabbitMargery Williams40 p.820L