In-person school starts August 25th.

We are taking precautions are based on the CDC School Readiness Checklist. See our checklist online. Some items are in process and will not be checked until completed (for example teacher training is in August).

If you may have been exposed to Covid-19, please complete our Covid Questionnaire.

Precautions at HLS


  • In accordance with state guidelines, masks are strongly recommended upon arrival, dismissal, while travelling in hallways, or in close contact with others.
  • Faculty/student greeters will not open car doors this year. If your student is unable to unbuckle themselves, please park and walk them to the door.
  • Students will move directly to their classrooms or socially distanced spaces instead of the typical morning assembly.
  • Automatic thermal imaging cameras are installed at Spring Meadows and will be at Crescent Hill. These systems monitor student temperature upon arrival as well as during the school school day. (Click here to see one in action.)
  • Handheld temperature monitors will be used in Spring Meadows cottages and at the Indiana campus.


  • K-8 grades will be self contained cohorts, and we are arranging schedules to further limit exposure between classes. Students in grades 9-12 have some class mixing for academic reasons.
  • HLS classes are typically about 16 students (10 in kindergarten). Most classes will be seated 5′ to 6′ apart. All classes will meet WHO and American Pediatric guidelines of 1 meter.
  • We will guide students at appropriate times to wear a mask in the classroom. HLS students are usually working quietly at their desks where masks would not be required. If students are in lines, working at the board, or otherwise working closely with others, masks are strongly recommended.


  • Hot lunches will be individually pre-packaged in closed aluminum containers for students. The serving line will be closed.
  • In an effort to distance and maintain cohorts, we will start the year with some students eating in their classrooms and some in the cafeteria or gym.


  • Recess/PE will take place with a single class or cohort.
  • All PE/Recess will be held outside when feasible.
  • We will emphasize activities that encourage distancing, especially among older students.
  • Parents may direct their children on whether to wear a mask. 


  • Following CDC and KY Dept of Education guidelines, only one grade at a time will meet for choir in either the gym, chapel, or sanctuary to maintain 6’ of distance.


  • Students will have individual supplies and will attend art class in their cohort.

Restroom Breaks

  • K-6 classes have always used staggered restrooms breaks.
  • 7-12 students will be given staggered restroom breaks throughout the day to reduce crowding during class changes.
  • Upper School class changes will be more limited to reduce crowding in hallways.


  • Dismissal will take longer at first and masks are strongly recommended.
  • Individual pickup locations and procedures will be sent home soon.

Improved Hygiene

  • Please review proper handwashing with your child.
  • For young students we may put a marker on their hands to ensure they wash long enough to wash it off.
  • Cover cough and sneeze with a tissue or elbow.
  • Please review properly wearing and removing masks with your children.
  • High touch surfaces will be sanitized regularly.
  • Communal items are eliminated where possible.
  • Please send your students with a water bottle to avoid drinking fountains.

Online Access to Classrooms

  • If a student is healthy but quarantined at home, we will try to provide online access to a classroom through Zoom.
  • In K-8, we will typically broadcast only one teacher per grade.
When should my child stay home?
  • Every day, complete the CDC Daily Home Screening for Students
    1. If a student checks a box in Section 1 but NOT Section 2,
      1. Stay home until symptom free for 24 hours without medication. 
      2. A Covid test is not required.
    2. If a student or family member, checks a box in Section 1 AND Section 2.
      1. Contact your healthcare provider.
      2. Record your first day of symptoms and stay home.
      3. Complete the HLS Covid Form
  • Review when your child should quarantine.
    1. Anyone who has had close contact (closer than 6’ for more than 15 minutes) with someone who is confirmed positive for COVID-19 should stay home for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.
    2. If you may have had Close Contact, complete the HLS Covid Form
  • If your student receives a positive test or diagnosis for Covid-19, stay home until
    1. At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared
    2. AND At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication
    3. AND Symptoms have improved

Monitor the CDC Screening Guidelines as these requirements may change.

Actions for parents
Guidance on potential closure
  • Individual classrooms or buildings may close for 2 to 5 days for disinfection and up to 14 days if a student, visitor, or staff member is diagnosed with Covid-19 and was at school within 2 days before showing symptoms.
  • According to the CDC “A single case of COVID-19 in a school would not likely warrant closing the entire school, especially if levels of community transmission are not high.”
  • We will alert you by email in the event of a positive diagnosis or closure.
  • The Health Department may close schools if there is substantial community spread.

Please note the KY Department of Public Health’s travel advisory issued on 7/20/2020. 

The Kentucky Department of Public Health issued a new travel advisory that recommends a 14-day self-quarantine for travelers who went to Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, South Carolina,Texas, Mississippi, & Puerto Rico.  

This is a recommendation, but we appreciate your cooperation in staying home from all summer activities if you have traveled to these states. Please avoid travel to those states if possible.