Faculty List

Highlands Latin School has an outstanding faculty with years of experience, both in education and fields outside the classroom.

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Lowe CherylCheryl Lowe (read bio)

Founder, Upper School Latin
M.S. Biology, Western Kentucky University
B.A. Chemistry, University of Louisville
Author of Latina Christiana, Lingua Angelica, Henle Guides, and Classical Studies

Brian Lowe

Chief Financial Officer
J.D. Vanderbilt Law School
B.A. Physics and Mathematics, Transylvania University

hlsb_ch_0907Shawn Wheatley

Head of School
M.S. School Administration, Bellarmine University
M.S. Secondary Ed., University of Kentucky
B.S. Biology, Transylvania University

hlsb_sm_1009Kelly Booker

Principal, Spring Meadows
M.B.A. Bellarmine University
B.S. Business Administration, Bellarmine University

hlsb_sm_1267Dr. Matt Dickie

Assistant Principal, Upper School
Ph.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.S. Exercise Science, Valdosta State University

borah-mug-2016Jason Borah

Assistant Principal, Grammar School
M.A. Theology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
B.A. Theology, Moody Bible Institute

Krista Lange

Primary School Director, Crescent Hill
B.S. Elementary Education, Dr. Martin Luther College

hlsb_sm_1264Polly Collum

Admissions Director
M.T.S. Weston School of Theology
B.A. Government, Dartmouth College

hlsb_ch_0195Lyndsay Magar

Assistant Admissions Director
M.A. Education, University of Louisville
B.F.A. Harding University

hlsb_sm_1058Jennifer Bowen

College Counselor, Student Care Services
M.Ed. School Counseling and Guidance, University of Louisville
B.A. English, Miami University (Ohio)

hlsb_sm_1549Mary Melchior

Office Manager, Spring Meadows
A.D.N. Purdue University

hlsb_sm_1110Mary Dick

Office Manager, Spring Meadows
A.S., A.A.S. Nursing, Kaskaskia College

hlsb_ch_0193Roxanne Hack-Smero

Office Manager, Crescent Hill
A.S. Human Services, Jefferson Community College

hlsb_ch_0031Georganna Wheatley

Office Manager, Junior Kindergarten, Crescent Hill
B.A. Studio Art, Transylvania University

Upper School Faculty

 hlsb_sm_1548Susan Akaydin

Algebra I, Trigonometry
M.A. Secondary Education, University of Louisville
M.S. Statistics, University of Kentucky
B.S. Applied Mathematics Engineering, University of Louisville, Speed School

hlsb_sm_1854Joel Amunrud

Math and Science Department Chair
AP Calculus, AP Physics
M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Biblical Studies, Master’s College

hlsb_sm_1216Alana Amunrud-Sharp

Physical Science, Geometry, Pre-Calculus
M.A. Biblical History and Geography, Jerusalem University College
B.S. Computer Engineering, Montana State University

hlsb_ch_0403Aubrey Annis

7th, 8th Grade Dean of Students, Crescent Hill
Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Statistics
B.S. English and Mathematics, Hillsdale College

HLSA_CH_2031Dr. John Mark Beazley

Ph.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Th.M. Western Seminary, Portland, OR
M.A. Exegetical Studies, Western Seminary, Portland, OR

B.A. Biblical Studies, Briercrest College

hlsb_sm_1162Chrissy Bramer

M.A. Teaching, University of Louisville
B.S. Biology, University of Kentucky
B.A. Chemistry, University of Kentucky

Sean Brooks

House System Director, Student Care Services
Classical Studies, Latin
B.A. Religion, Missouri Baptist University

hlsb_sm_1668Elizabeth Casebolt

English, Classical Studies
M.A. English, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi
B.A. English Literature, Saint Anselm College

hlsb_sm_1333Brian Davidson

Greek, Logic, Rhetoric
Ph.D. cand., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.S. Religious Studies, Gardner-Webb University
A.S. Civil Engineering Technology, Gaston College

hlsb_sm_1654Ken Dennis

AP European History II
M.A.T. Education, University of Louisville
B.A. English, University of Louisville

 hlsb_sm_1267Dr. Matt Dickie

Assistant Principal, Upper School
Ph.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.S. Exercise Science, Valdosta State

  hlsb_sm_1709Anthony Hernandez

Calculus III, Physical Science
M.A. Mathematics, Marshall University
B.A. Mathematics and Physics, Marshall University

hlsb_ch_0527Shannon Hunsucker

7th, 8th Grade Dean of Students, Crescent Hill
M.A. Secondary School Counseling, Western Kentucky University
B.A. English and Secondary English Education, University of Kentucky

hlsb_sm_1513Kate Janke

Classical Studies, AP European History I
M.A. Theological Studies, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. History, Hillsdale College

hlsb_sm_1336Kyle Janke

English, Latin
M.A. English Literature, Eastern Michigan University
B.A. English, Hillsdale College

Steven Lange

M.Div. Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

B.A. Northwestern College

hlsb_sm_1164Anthony McDonald

11th, 12th Grade Dean, Spring Meadows
Cottage School Director
Latin, Classical Studies
M.A. Classical Studies, University of Notre Dame
B.S. Accounting and Finance, Indiana University
B.A. Classical Studies, Indiana University

hlsb_ch_0618Evangeline Mee

Classical Studies, Geography

B.A. Dramatic Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies (Folklore), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Miller AnthonyAnthony Miller

M.T.S. University of Notre Dame
B.A. Classics, University of Kentucky

hlsb_ch_0766Matthew Miller

M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Trumpet Performance, Cedarville University

HLSA_SM_1097Charles Nelson

M.Sc. Kellogg College, Oxford
B.A. Economics and Latin, Sewanee, The University of the South

Elizabeth Pierce

Greek, Classical Studies
M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

B.A. Linguistics, University of Tennessee

ShelburneDr. Rebecca Shelburne

Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University Georgia

B.S. Chemistry, University of Michigan

hlsb_sm_1850Dr. Charles Suer

Pre-Algebra, Algebra II, Statistics
Ph.D. Applied and Industrial Mathematics, University of Louisville
M.A. Mathematics, University of Louisville
B.S. Mathematics, University of Dayton

David Thomas

Geography, U.S. History, Logic, Rhetoric
B.A. History and Government, Berry College

K-6 Faculty (By Grade)

Junior Kindergarten

hlsb_ch_0033Loretta Bitner

Junior Kindergarten Assistant
A.A. Elementary Education & Christian Education, Taylor University

hlsb_ch_0031Georganna Wheatley

Office Manager, Junior Kindergarten, Crescent Hill
B.A. Studio Art, Transylvania University


hlsb_ch_0072Coco Briggs

B.S.N., University of Iowa
B.S. Biology, Los Angeles Baptist College

BrittainTeresa Brittain


B.A. Early Childhood Education, University of Louisville

hlsb_3400Tennya Colburn

M.A. Counseling, Western Kentucky University
B.S. Education, Western Kentucky University

hlsb_ch_0110Sandra Driggs

B.S. Elementary Education, Indiana University

hlsb_sm_1007Jill Frawley

M.A. Elementary Education, University of Louisville

B.S. Elementary Education, Spalding University

 hlsb_ch_0145Kristin Mast

M.A. Special Education, Wayne State University

B.A. Elementary Education, Calvin College

First Grade

 hlsb_sm_1160Tara Luse

1st Grade
B.A. Sociology, University of Kentucky

hlsb_ch_0453Sarah Rueff

1st Grade
M.A.T., Bellarmine University
B.S. Biology, Centre College

hlsb_ch_0244Teal Wigginton

1st Grade
B.S. Elementary Education, Western Kentucky University

hlsb_sm_1262Jill Zamiska

1st Grade
B.S. Radiologic Technology, Northern Kentucky University

Second Grade

hlsb_ch_0296Mandy Groce

2nd Grade
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida

hlsb_ch_0191Therese Dickert

2nd Grade
B.S. Early Childhood Education, University of Louisville
M.Ed. Elementary Ed., Indiana Wesleyan University

hlsb_sm_1056Joy Herbert

2nd Grade
B.A. Business Marketing, University of Kentucky
M.A.T. Education, University of Louisville

hlsb_sm_1108Jennifer Price

2nd Grade
B.A. Marketing, University of Louisville
M.A. Elementary Ed., Bellarmine University

Third Grade

Brenda Janke

3rd Grade
B.S. Elementary Ed., University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

hlsb_ch_0400Anne Parry

3rd Grade
B.S. Biology, University of Georgia

hlsb_sm_1476Maureen Volz

3rd Grade
B.A. Fine Arts, University of Louisville
M.A. Special Education, University of Missouri – St. Louis

hlsb_sm_1608Jessica Watson

3rd Grade
B.S. Elementary Ed., Northland International University

Fourth Grade

hlsb_sm_1649Alex Contant

4th Grade
B.S. Early Childhood Education, Berry College

hlsb_sm_1700Lu Elliott

4th Grade
B.S. Human Environmental Sciences, University of Alabama
Elementary Teaching Certificate from the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence

hlsb_ch_0669Amy Mangione

4th Grade
B.S. Accounting, University of Akron

hlsb_ch_0902Jessica Martin

4th Grade
M.A. Church Ministries, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Biblical and Theological Studies, Boyce College

Fifth Grade

hlsb_ch_0617Kelsey Cross

5th Grade
B.S. Education, Berry College

hlsb_sm_1750Kelsey Fox

5th Grade
B.A. Politics, Hillsdale College

hlsb_ch_0569Christine Fuller

5th Grade
B.S. Teacher Education, Boyce College

hlsb_sm_1901Abigail Rudibaugh

5th Grade
B.A. Miami University, Ohio

 Sixth Grade

hlsb_sm_1389Paul Drake

6th Grade
B.A. Humanities, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

hlsb_ch_0764Robert Lewis

6th Grade
M.A. Theology, Aquinas Institute of Theology

B.A. Philosophy, Purdue University

hlsb_sm_1214Natalie Malcom

6th Grade
M.A. Missiology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

B.S. Health and Physical Education, Liberty University

hlsb_ch_0717Ashley Taylor

6th Grade
B.S. Interior Design, emphasis Art History, Texas Christian University

Physical Education, Art, and Music

Bailey, Dr. Louis L.Dr. Louie L. Bailey

Choral Music
Ph.D. Voice and Music Education, Southern Seminary
M.A. Church Music, Southern Seminary
B.A. Music, Georgia State University

Ashby, JimJim Ashby

Athletic Director
Physical Education, Spring Meadows
M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.S. Health and Physical Education, Murray State University

MurdochJanice Murdoch

M.A. Dance/Movement Therapy, Antioch New England Graduate School
B.A. Dance and Exercise Training, California State University

HibdonRhonda Hibdon

Music, Crescent Hill
B.A. Fine Arts, emphasis Organ, Judson College

GilcreastJennifer Gilcreast

Music, Spring Meadows
M.M. University of Notre Dame
B.M. Asbury College

Teresa BolingTeresa Boling

Director, Drama Troupe
B.A. Business Administration, emphasis Marketing, Eastern Kentucky University

Melissa Edwards

Physical Education, Crescent Hill
B.S. Health and Physical Education, Berry College