Early Accolades for Five HLS Seniors

“Why study Latin?” is a question we often hear. We defend this question by explaining how Latin expands vocabulary, provides a deeper learning of grammar, and simply challenges and develops the mind. Our students embark on this challenging but rewarding journey in second grade.

seniors ap latin
Matthew Rouse, Katelyn Miller, Maggie Roy, Helen Mariah Murdoch, Joseph Collum

Students enrolled in AP Latin, which focuses on two of the greatest works in Latin literature: Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars, have the opportunity to take the AP Latin Exam in May. The test is scored on a 1-5 scale. This year, all five students who took the exam scored a 5! Nationally, only 12.9% of test-takers earned the top score compared with 100% at Highlands Latin.

“These students worked hard for the sake of learning Latin–not for the sake of good grades, college credit, or praise. And the result is that they earned good grades, college credit, and praise. I am proud of their accomplishments and the manner in which they earned them.” -Dr. Matt Dickie, AP Latin Teacher and Assistant Principal of Upper School.

By earning a passing score (3 or higher at most colleges) students can receive course credit and/or higher placement in their language studies.

Congratulations, students!


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