2016 National Latin Exam Awards

Three students worldwide earn their sixth Gold Medal… Two are from Highlands Latin School!

Out of 142,000 participants in the National Latin Exam only three students earned their sixth gold medals in 2016. Two of the three students are Highlands Latin seniors, Tanner Petrie and Jack Spurlock.

Petrie and Spurlock joined Highlands Latin in 3rd and 1st grade respectively and have excelled at Latin since.

This was a record year for HLS success on the National Latin Exam. In addition to Tanner Petrie’s and Jack Spurlock’s six golds, Highlands Latin students were challenged to earn as many gold medals as the last published numbers for prep schools Phillips Exeter (where Mark Zuckerberg earned four gold medals) and Roxbury Latin (the oldest school in the US).

NLE 2016 Poster

They rose to the challenge with 17 Perfect Papers, 117 gold medals, and 47 silver medals out of 199 participants. In fact, 59% of Highlands Latin students earned gold medals compared to a national average of 12%.

At Highlands Latin School, we encourage individual students to compete with themselves to improve their scores. Students are given multiple chances to achieve a new “personal best.” It is a challenge our students relish, and it is through that challenge they develop a love of Latin and achieving difficult goals.

Congratulations Highlanders!

Spring Meadows 9th-12th Gold Medal Recipients: (Back Row) Ben Lange, Tanner Petrie, Jack Hauersperger, Mitchell Halsema, David Dekold, Jack Spurlock, Worden Barr, Bobbie Fowler; (Middle Row) Erin Bowe, Schuyler Baas, Laura Callihan, Sydney Veith, Frankie Booker, Sophia Fornwalt, Austin Schmitt, Kincaed Williams, Peter Schwab, Davis Henderson, Ryan Apperson, James Reilly; (Front Row) Burke Tinsley, Anna Fuller, Maddie Lange, Maggie Roy, Kate Burnett, Hannah Thibaudeau, Mary Cuthrell, Danielle Fuller, Rachel McGraw, Abigail Donaldson, Elora Gunn, Jacqueline Renn, Katelyn Miller, Helen Mariah Murdoch, Willow NoltemeyerSpring Meadows 6th-8th Gold Medal Recipients: (Back Row) Alex Harris, Madison Miller, Tanay Neotia, Lindsey Thomas, Charlotte Wright, Meg Booker, Natalia Mendoza-Andres, Alex Dhabliwala, Ethan Ater, Colin Roark, Chloe Walrad, John Michael Dhabliwala; (Middle Row) Jack Rohrer, Brianna Gilcreast, Callie Wilson, Gracie Zamiska, Sydney Windhorst, Anna Whittle, Madeline Johnson, Casey Johnson, Hayden Trier, Eric Beiter, Jonathan Lasoi, Jenna Nicodemus, Ryan O’Dea; (Front Row) Levi Shinabery, Jillian Whitmer, Julianna Sizemore, Sophie Harris, Avery Hanel, Meredith Moser, Lilly Luse, Brennan Thomas, Judah Murdoch, Schaefer Wagner, Christopher Kaufmann, Mason Eisner, Emma Caudill, Isabel Winebrenner, Cade Wheat 
Crescent Hill 6th-8th Gold Medal Recipients: (Back Row) Joseph Stachnik, Patrick Leonard, Emmy Hamilton, Whitney Leonard, Emily Leonard, Emily Sedgwick, Julia Singleton, Alethia Boswell, Luke Robson; (Third Row) Chapman Adkins, Meseret Bitner, Isabel Daniel, Alyssa Meadows, Kashiku Hutcheson, AJ Mangione, George Dwyer, Nati Hamilton, Emily Grace Haner, Hans Keisling; (Second Row) Gabby Beury, Cambrie Malone, Lauren Marshall, Olivia Vickery, Sarah Beth Plummer, Carter McGill, Sara Miyamoto, Blair Barker, Mirabel Noltemeyer, Molly Mast, Isabella Helms; (Front Row) August Rothpletz, Lily Hamilton, Iris Noth, Grazia Ferraro, Owen Meyer, Josiah Gomez, Rachel Kimbell, Emily Steinbach, Annika Wallitsch, Sydney PetrieSpring Meadows 9th-12th Silver Medal Recipients: (Back Row) Matthew Rouse, Jobe Arnold, Stuart Miller, Brody Malone, Joseph Collum, Jack Brunton, Andrew Watson; (Middle Row) Alexander McFarland, Aiden Arnold, Jackson Hoffman, William Yates, Noah Walker, Abraham Collum, Carl Yoder, Steven Walter; (Front Row) Samuel Bush, Avery Bergdorf, Catherine Jarboe, Faith Thibaudeau, Haylee Hatcher, Corrie Russell, Grace Burnett, Hattie Hume, Laura Rose GiltnerSpring Meadows 6th-8th Silver Medal Recipients: (Back Row) Daniel Young, Tristan Harbold, Mason Brown, Ethan Beierle , Kathryn Beiter, Sasha Novosel; (Front Row) Kelsey Johnson, Jacob Fox, Clayton Brodfuehrer, Kate Whittle, Audrey Dick, Madeline Caudill
Crescent Hill 6th-8th Silver Medal Recipients: (Back Row) Annabel Crush, Abigail Bitner, Maggie Hunsucker, Lemlem Hutcheson, William Gunn; (Front Row) Gracie Riddle, Justin Gilbert, Elijah Montgomery, Ann Driggs


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